Quartz Crystal versus Crystal Glass

Quartz Crystal versus Crystal Glass

You’ve probably heard the term ‘crystal glass’ normally attached to an expensive wine glass, or if you happen to be really rich maybe a chandelier, but despite these items containing the word ‘crystal’ and resembling clear quartz there are very little similarities between the two. I’m just going to give a very basic overview without getting too much into the hardcore science that separates these to visibly similar objects.

Quartz crystal is grown through a mixture of environmental conditions and time, this could be grown naturally, or grown under laboratory conditions (where the crystallization process can be accelerated), Crystal glass is made in a factory in a very similar way to normal glass but generally involves additional elements like lead (to make lead crystal) as this gives the clarity, weight, and sparkle as well as creating that ‘crystal glass ring’.

Apart from the creation process, there are various differences between quartz crystal and crystal glass. As quartz crystal is grown it has a symmetrical molecular structure where glass has a random molecular structure. The structure of quartz crystal gives it a higher melting point of 1600c against the 1400c of crystal glass, there are other technical differences such as the level of silicone dioxide in quartz crystal is significantly higher.

So, while quartz crystal and crystal glass can look almost identical and while they are definitely distant cousins as the are both silicates and both contain the word crystal they are very different items. Both have their uses, crystal glass can be fashioned to make beautiful and useful items such as wine glasses, but lacks the unique growing properties of quartz crystal, which are both scientific and metaphysical in the uses

Scientific properties of Quartz Crystal

The properties of crystal quartz are so unique they have multiple applications in science. If you pass a small electrical charge through a quartz crystal it will oscillate (vibrates back and forth) at a very precise and unique frequency: exactly 32,768 times each second, this creates the base for the almost perfect timing mechanism that can be found in quartz movements, cell phones, electric meters, GPS equipment, and incalculable other uses. In fact, without quartz crystal, the laptop or phone you’re reading this blog on would not be able to function. The fact that science has such faith in the vibrational properties of quartz paves the way perfectly for us to move on to the more spiritual properties of this amazing crystal.

Metaphysical properties of Quartz Crystal

Known as a Master Healer

Quartz properties such as amplification and programmability are essential to manifesting intentions. Quartz healing properties will amplify any energy surrounding or being put into it, so making sure to occasionally cleanse the stone is important in order to maintain positive energy. It helps eliminate energy blockages and allow energy to flow smoothly throughout the body.

Clear Quartz may assist with:
• Psychic growth
• Clarifying thought processes
• Cleansing emotions
• Purifying your auric field
• Help restore the balance of energies within the body
• Harmonizing and balancing your environment

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