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Labradorite necklace
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Labradorite Azure pendant
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Labradorite Azure pendant

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 Labradorite Azure pendant

This top-quality Labradorite pendant plays with a fantastic spectrum of blue colors. The origin of the bluestone is from the ancient city Jaipur, India is known as the Pink City.

Material: Labradorite, Sterling silver
Size of the pendant: 40 mm
Length of the Labradorite: 35 mm
Width of the Labradorite: 16.3 mm
Chain: Snake 20 inches
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Legend has it that the Northern Lights were once stuck inside rocks on the Canadian coast until a brave warrior freed most of them by hitting the rocks with a spear. The stones that were not hit are said to still have those Northern Lights within them.

Labradorite can assist with:

  • Bringing comfort and relief to those who are overworked
  • Balances and protects the aura
  • Help through life changes
  • Raises consciousness 
  • Grounds spiritual energies
  • Promoting psychic abilities
  • Revealing the truth behind illusions
  • Banishes fears and insecurities
  • Developing enthusiasm and new ideas


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